WikiTrader Review

You probably heard already about a brand new trading app called WikiTrader. Wiki Trader is really doing great in the market. In fact, this is one of the most successful trading software in the recent market. Kelly Wallace is the enigmatic woman behind this successful binary auto-trader. So, what makes WikiTrader popular? How to make a profit from Wiki Trader? Why should you trade with this trading system? Let’s find out.


We came up with some facts which will prove that the system is a trusted and legit system not like the Prove My Profits. The aim of this review is to reveal the information regarding the WikiTrader with strong evidence to show you that why Wiki Trader is worth trading.

WikiTrader Review: Main Body

What is WikiTrader?

Wiki Trader App is an auto trader which is ideal both for advanced and beginners who have less or no experience about binary trading. For those who’ve decided to trade with WikiTrader will realize how the WikiTrader system makes the entire trading procedure so simple. Honestly speaking almost all trading systems introduce themselves by the same speech-making, which is why this is really important to understand & review exactly how this software works.

Wiki Trader is an open-source platform that’s opened a new era of binary trading apps. The term “Wiki” comes with the philosophy of a website that admits collaborative editing on its content. More specifically, WikiTrader allows traders to change or edit certain settings and personal preferences.

Features of Wikitrader

Before joining the software, it is really important to know about its functionality and trading methods. Here are some of the features that Wikitrader came with:

  • Amazing UI: WikiTrader has an amazing user interface which is designed in a simple way. It looks very flexible and easy to operate for any new trader.
  • Downloading: To use this software you don’t need to download the software. You can directly sign up below for the software and get the access for free.
  • Signup process: The signup process is very simple, and you will find the registration section which is very easy to get through with.
  • Investment: You need to deposit a minimum amount of $250 to start trading and open the account from the broker’s window; it is so simple that you can do it on your own.
  • Autopilot: In the autopilot mode it can make up to $1,200 in a single day easily.
  • Best Brokers: There will be best brokers to guide you through the entire trading process, and you will get the best trading information from the signals.


  • Signals: The software provides around 500 signals per day to its users which help traders to earn about $1978 as a daily income.
  • Free Service: The most exciting thing is that after 30 days you can enjoy free service which makes it easy to get in the action with the software.
  • Withdrawal: You can withdraw 95% of your account money with the trial version after 30 days which sounds very interesting.
  • Customer Services: The software provides you the best customer services, and you can contact the support team through email, live chat and even with phone calls.
  • 100% risk-free: The most important thing about Wikitrader is, this software is 100% risk-free. It is proved and tested several times before its release which is able to give out maximum profits.

Making Profits with WikiTrader

Earning considerable daily profits with this amazing trading robot is really easy. WikiTrader software learns how to advance on its own by processing the users’ data. Over time, the software essentially creates a brain for itself. It is a self-learning trading system. This is the best thing about this software.

This software doesn’t just adjust to the market, it creates it. The software is so high-tech that it can forecast the trades with extremely high accuracy. WikiTrader can go deep into the market’s future that it actually knows exactly what trades are going to win or lose. This is beyond binary Options; this is really the most advanced software in the recent marketplace.

If you visit the official website of WikiTrader you will need to go through 3 easy steps to be completed to get access to the system.

  1. Open Account
  2. Run the Robot
  3. Earn Profits

Final Verdict: WikiTrader is Really A Winning & Profitable Software!

The WikiTrader is a remarkable piece of Autotrader that has to be highly recommended. It is always nice to see a team like Kelly’s releases a powerful and legitimate software, especially when it performs this much well. Overall Wiki Trader is doing a very impressive job in the market, and certifiably not a scam.

Happy Trading…