On December 19th, 2016 a brand new binary options software was launched in the market called Tesler. This binary trading app is developed by Steven Abrahams of Tesler Investments. This app had a huge hype in the launching week, many people were interested to know if this app really works. But later the real scenario was discovered behind this Tesler binary app. Read our detailed review on Tesler, before you are scammed.



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Tesler Review

The Tesler has come with many promises which are very much skeptical, definitely not like the legit SnapCash Binary software. According to Tesler’s video presentation, this software has made many people millionaires in just 181 days. Before you start trading binary option, it is necessary to learn how to choose or identify a genuine binary trading software through which you can make profits.

In this review, you will get the best review about this app and unmask the real picture of this binary software. In recent binary options market some scam software is coming up with big promises and offers of making you a millionaire over night while the real scenario is something else. Many people are loosing their money trading with these scams.

What about the Tesler Software

In our this software review, we came up with some issues about Tesler trading system that turns out to be a scam. The very first thing is the the Tesler signals accuracy in accomplishing trades. According to Stephen Abrahams, his software can only lose one in 98 trades. But in our findings, the percentage of accuracy is very inconsistent.


Fake Statistics and Promises

The Tesler App was supposed to be available on Google Play Store and App Store. We tried to search the App on each store but there was no search result for it.

The claims sound just despicably overestimated in the video presentation. Stephen claims that this app can make over $237 per hour, which is another big lie. A thread of such fake claims will keep coming your way.

Fake Actors and Testimonials

The most important reason is that makes this system fake is the CEO of Tesler app Mr. Stephen Abrahams is a fake identity. He is a paid actor. We had this suspicion when we were watching the video presentation. Till now we have come up with so many scam software and so many actors we’ve seen, it gets difficult to remember at once. Stephen Abrahams has been seen in many other scam systems.


What can be a more rock-solid proof to unmask a scam like Tesler Investment app than this one. After finding this we were not interested anymore in investigating the persons giving testimonials in the video. It was enough for us. Moreover, those images in the Tesler’s website which are listed as successful traders of Tesler app are just stolen stock photos.

Conclusion: The Tesler Investment App is SCAM !!

The Tesler is a scam software which is clearly exposed to you now. In this review we have underlined the issues with this software. We didn’t find any single positive to be taken. This software is terribly abusive and our review demonstrates just how the robbers behind these scams care only about filling their own pockets.

I hope that you are now very much clear about the scam issues of Tesler app. So, if you want to make profits with binary options, then see our recommendation above. We highly recommend you, to join Mike’s Auto Trader binary trading software. This software has the ability to give you the best trade.

Binary Review Scanner’s Recommendation

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