Prove My Profits Review

New Binary Trading Software are coming to marketplace every now and then. But the big question is how many of these brand new software can make you real profits. There are many scams in the marketplace that will wipe out you hard earned money. And here, in we help you to find out the which binary app will make profits and which will not. Today we are going to dig out a brand new binary software- The Prove My Profits System.

prove my profits

Prove My Profits is new binary auto trading software which claims to make $498K profits per month. But unfortunately, Prove My Profits system is unable to prove their claims. In fact, this software is another new scam in the market that will suck all the money out of your pocket. If you got any invitation or even thinking to trade with Prove My Profits, hold on for a second and read this review to find out the real scenario.

Though, Prove My Profits is introduced recently in the binary options market, it doesn’t look new at all. It is recycling ideas from so many older scams. It will easier to find out the facts for those who have seen this kind of scam before. Making Five hundred thousand dollars per month is totally ridiculous. No binary options software can make that much profit. This is the most important thing that proves that Prove My Profits is a total bogus. If you want to see their more fraud activities you can visit Prove My Profits Official Website here to check it yourself.

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Prove My Profits Review: Scam Alert

Who is Trader X?

The anonymous personal who actually developed and established the PMP System is introduced only as “Trader X”. This would have been nice to be presented Trader X with some relative background information, but there is no such thing. According to the presentation of Ted Morgan, the anonymous man does not want to disclose any further facts about himself because he fears legal persecution. Why is that so? However, through our investigation, we managed to find out that Trader X might not even exist in real life. It has been made-up in order to make the software appear more legit.

Two Different Versions of PMP

There are more things we need to point out. There are two different versions of the PMP scam. In the first version, you will a man who claims to be Ted Morgan. He started telling a story about his earlier life when he used to be work as a financial scammer. Then, he tells us that he has changed his ways, and really wants to help people earn money to make up for his offenses. In order to prove his honesty and his Prove My Profits, he takes a lie detector test.

prove my profit

In the other version of this scam video you will see another man going by the name of Daniel Wilkins. In this second version of video Daniel, as like the previous one, is hooked up to a lie detector machine. He tells that exact same story which is very much identical to that of Ted Morgan. Moreover, Daniel is also featured in two other scams- Polygraph Millionaire and Lie Detector Millionaire. Both of them are paid actors! and neither version is real.

Pressure Tactics

In the landing page of PMP Ted uses the pressure tactics by warning you that there are only 50 spots available. This approach is nothing new. We can assure you that this is not the case. If the software were legit, the 50 spots should have been filled out by few hours, and Prove My Profits, would no longer be available.

You can compare this scam with a reality check which we have just tested with an excellent software WikiTrader. The developers of WikiTrader stated collecting beta testers until they could prove that the software works with profits.

It has been two weeks since Prove My Profits is launched. It is a new version of their earlier scams, and the fifty spots are still available. Why would that be? Simply because there is no such thing. There is unlimited number of subscriptions and whoever subscribes will be scammed.

prove my profit

Final Verdict of Prove My Profits

The following facts are the proof that Prove My Profits is a Scam!

1. Ted Morgan and Daniel Wilkins are both paid actors who memorized the same script and carried out the same role.

2. Prove My Profits is the latest version of Lie Detector Millionaire and Polygraph Millionaire and all three are proven scams.

3. PMP could not provide any proof of earnings. All evidence is fake.

4. Prove My Profits Scam works with unregulated brokers. These brokers have no reputation in the market.

If you still have any questions considering anything you have read here please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, be aware of these scams, protect your money.

Happy Trading…