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There are hundreds of robots in binary option trading market and millionaire blueprint is one of them with high level of promises. “Design your own destiny” with this tagline the robot was launched and still provides the guarantee of make you earning millions. Once you get into the website you will find the video promo about how the software works and how to get the best out of it etc. according to the website these people made high range of commitments showing how beneficiary this will be for a trader once they start trading with this bot. That’s the main reason we started the dig up so we can confirm if the software is legit or a scam! Here is the true Millionaire Blueprint Review.

Millionaire Blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint Review – Is This A Scam?

From the beginning there’re a lot confusions going on with performance of the software where there are many “THINK” that the software is not legit because no other legit software make this kind of high claims. But we don’t think this is a good idea to depend on logics like this. Well answering these questions about scams the creator of the system Walter Green said that, the percentage of the success of the system has been the most and still no other software could help this progress to their users. Every day a significant number of traders are switching to Millionaire Blueprint platform and this happening only because of the trust it is gaining everyday with proper proof. Hundreds of new members have also got into the system with suggestions of the experts. If the software is another scam was there any possibility of this happening?

However, we also found out the software works pretty well just like the claims were made from the beginning. We don’t want to give all the credits to the software itself. There’s also a clever part. There’s an e-book with every Millionaire Blueprint signup which is a key part. We got the chance to go through that book and it looks like the book is really enriched with some good points which would really help in investing and those tips works really good with system. We found the book quite handy for the traders and the newbies.

How Much Does Millionaire Blueprint Cost?

Millionaire BlueprintAccording to our observation usually most of the software those are free, have issues with the commitments.  They claims to be 100% free, but at the end of the day there has to be some catches. So any software says free raises doubt for sure.

The millionaire Blueprint is also a free software which means downloading the software is free from the official website but the trading through the system is never free. A trader must deposit $250 to start trading and the trading account have to be opened under a recommended broker by Millionaire Blueprint.

How Does Millionaire Blueprint Work?

The biggest plus from Millionaire Blueprint is, the software ensured the traders get most flexibility while trading using the system. The investor can raise investment and gains as much as they want. The system is automated and it is good to go by itself once everything is well set. Its known as the most hassle free trading software where there is no need to control any part of it. The whole system can be customized according to the need of the investors. The trader can adjust parameters, can select the assets they want to trade, can customize the total amount of money to be invested as well as the amount of money to be executed per day.

According to the given commands or direction the program runs automatically and keeps trading by its own until the next feature is changed. The main task is to generate the signals and analyzing them whether they are good to trader or not. A successful trade leads to a profit and unsuccessful one causes the loss in the investment. However the successful trade ratio is way grater than unsuccessful one in Millionaire Blueprint, so we don’t see any reason to step back.


How To Get Started?

  • FREE Sign Up – the first you need to take to get started with the Millionaire Blueprint system is to sign up. The sign up process is completely free, but you have to set up a trading account and fund your account and the money for investments on assets.
  • Trade & Profit – as a trader, you have to determine what assets you want the robot to trade. Trades are 100% automated and since the software has a high success ration, you can generate huge profits from your investments.
  • Withdrawal – after the robot has made few successful trades, you will be able to withdraw your earnings into your bank account or another account of your choice that is supported by the system.

Special Features

The market is pretty competitive so, it’s really important to have some special features which basically make the difference between regular trading software and the good ones. Millionaire Blueprint brings the best features which also made them successful in keeping up their promises. The best feature is the automated trading system for what there no need of much input from the trader.

The complex algorithm plays the great role of finding out the loophole to point out the best trading situation. It is also able to identify the movements in the market quickly and accurately.

Millionaire Blueprint Review



  • Fully automated system which makes trading easy
  • High success ratio
  • Efficient customer support service
  • Software is free to use
  • Educational tools are provided


  • Stable internet connection is required